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Shutdown the School of the Americas!

November 30, 2007



2nd Southeast SDS Regional Convention

May 13, 2007

Hey ya’ll, this is a packet containing meeting notes, draft proposals for structure, workshops, resolutions, and process for the 2nd southeast regional convention, to be held in Asheville NC from June 1-3. Please take a look at it and if you want to submit proposals, check out the last page of the bulletin. The next bulletin will be out sometime at the end of next week!

Download here: Bulletin #1

In unity,


Walk-Out against the war draws nearly 300 students at UCF

April 13, 2007

First, sorry we were late on the March 20th walk out, but better later than never. The southern activities on that day inspired us to stage a walk out. Pictures to come soon.

[written by the ucf sds journalistic anti-collective]

Orlando, FL — April 11, 2007.
On April 11th 2007, SDS at UCF along with the Walk Out Now Coalition staged a mass student, faculty and staff walk out against the war in Iraq. A banner encouraging students to walk out of their bomb factory, a.k.a. their university, was dropped from the main entrance parking garage. The banner drop was the first of a new wave of diversity of tactics employed by Orlando students to voice their growing frustrations with the ongoing occupation of our campus and nations abroad by the military industrial complex.


March 20th Actions Against the War

April 1, 2007

Below are reports from Southern SDS chapters that held actions for the March 20 National Student Day of Action Against the War. More reports coming soon!

Asheville, NC. March 20th, 2006 was a great day of student action in Asheville. UNC-Asheville SDS had a walk-out of classes and a rally on campus with students and faculty speaking out against the war. More than 30 students then marched downtown and met up with 22 students from Asheville High School who risked up to 3 days of suspension in order to walk out of their classes against the war and ongoing occupation of Iraq. We rallied downtown, chanting “US OUT OF IRAQ” and “Stop the war? Yes we can! SDS is back again!” After the rally, students from Asheville High talked with SDS organizers from UNCA about starting up an SDS chapter at their high school!

Kati Ketz, UNCA SDS

Media reports: Asheville Global Report, Asheville Daily Planet [1] [2], Citizen-Times [1] [2]

Southern SDS!

March 1, 2007

Welcome to Southern SDS! This website serves to publicize the actions, statements, and views of the Southern chapters of Students for a Democratic Society. You can sign up for our listserv here: Southern SDS Listserv.