SDS 3rd Southeast Regional Convention

Students for a Democratic Society
3rd Southeast Regional Convention
Tuscaloosa, January 18th -21st

Calling all student and youth activists in the Southeast- Organize the South!

SDS at the University of Alabama invites you to Tuscaloosa to participate in the Southeast SDS Regional Convention January 18th – 21st. SDS chapters and other progressive student organizations will be coming together that weekend to network, share skills, and plan future actions.

There are many issues in the South- housing rights struggles in New Orleans, hate crimes in Jena, labor struggles in North Carolina, the CIW fight for workers’ rights in Florida- that we as young, student activists work to organize our campuses and communities around.

The Southeast SDS convention hopes to facilitate communication between chapters in the South to help us as we try to struggle against racist oppression, labor exploitation, and the war. Likewise, the convention will offer a space where students and youth can share their experiences in organizing the Red states and a place where we can plan future campaigns and actions for the upcoming the semester.

The Southeast Convention Working Group is working on a schedule, reaching out to other chapters and organizations in the Southeast, and preparing press releases to publicize the convergence of activists. If
you are interested in getting involved, feel free to join in; you can join the google group for updates, discussion, and planning conference call announcements. Or join the facebook group “sds SE convention.”

The weekend will be filled with plenty of workshops and skill-shares; if you are interested in organizing a workshop or discussion on a topic of interest, please let the planning working group know by e-mailing or the convention listserv: .

Please visit the survey page to RSVP:
Please fill out once per chapter or specify if you are registering
individually so we can get a feel for numbers and needs!

Housing and breakfast will be provided for by SDS-Tuscaloosa, though donations to cover convention costs are certainly welcome! Ride and housing boards will be up and running soon!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

SDS Tuscaloosa: sdstuscaloosa AT
Christine Jackson, cajackson AT
Chapin Gray, chapinrose AT
Alyse Deller, alysedeller AT


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