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Struggle for Collective Bargaining Rights in NC Builds

October 28, 2007

Below is a report-back from Salma Mirza, a member of Student Action with Workers here at UNC Chapel Hill and an ally of SDS locally. SDSers helped organize and participated in the action below. If you’re at a state school in NC, please get in touch because the struggle to win collective bargaining rights for public sector workers is something all of us need to support and coordinate on.

In struggle,

UNC-Chapel Hill SDS

———- Forwarded message ———-

Chanting “workers rights are human rights,” in the rain at 4 pm today, twenty undergraduates, graduate students, workers, and community members presented the signatures of five hundred people who support NC worker rights to President Erskine Bowles. Although President Bowles was not in his office, the petitions were received by Jeffrey Davies, his Chief of Staff. We have requested a response from Bowles to the petition demands, reiterated as follows:

Stop Censorship of Workers’ Human Right to Collectively Bargain!

To: UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Moeser and UNC System President Bowles

We the following members of the UNC-Chapel Hill community support UNC and Triangle area workers in their struggles to exercise their right to collective bargaining and support the repeal of Jim Crow-era N.C. G.S . 95-98, which criminalizes that right for public workers. We demand the following:

-that you reverse the University Gazette’s decision to censor the collective bargaining article from the Employee Forum’s newsletter insert
-that a written apology is sent to the Daily Tar Heel and that the article is sent to all students, alumni and UNC community members
-that the University community is encouraged to discuss collective bargaining issues in open forums attended by the administration

The action and the petition demands, in addition to UE Local 150 and
five hundred students, workers, and community members who signed the
petition, was endorsed by SAW, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS),
the Young Democrats, and SURGE (Students United for a Responsible
Global Environment).

This action was possible through the hard work of canvasing and
petition signatures that yall collected, and it was a success. Let’s
keep up the pressure! Yall have mobilized a ton of campus support just
in the past two months– imagine what the rest of this year will be