September 28 Youth Day of Action in D.C.


As you are probably already aware, September is shaping up to be an important month in terms of the anti-war movement in this country. There are a number of different national and local actions taking place during September with the goal of uniting those who are struggling against this war everyday and who refuse to allow occupation to continue unfettered. From September 22 to 29, activists working on a number of different struggles from around the country will be coming together in Washington, D.C. to raise the stakes in the anti-war movement during a week of direct actions against the war. While it is unfeasible for most students to be in D.C. for this entire period of time, we want to make Friday, September 28, a day for autonomous, student- and youth-led direct actions to originate from this space.

At the recent SDS National Convention in Detroit, we submitted an Action Proposal asking individual SDS chapters to consider mobilizing to take part in the youth and student day of action on September 28 and the mass march in D.C. the following day. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the convention to open a dialogue about the proposal and address questions and concerns that inevitably arose from this proposal. While we understand that the proposal was passed by those in attendance, it was done so with a number of reservations by many and abstentions by others. We regret that the proposal was addressed in a way that was confusing or distasteful to many and hope that we can address the concerns that folks may have had and move forward with organizing for this day of action.

We’ve been in touch with a number of local organizers across the east coast from SDS, Campus Antiwar Network, and a number of other local, unaffiliated campus antiwar groups. Folks seem excited about the potential for students and youth from across the country and from a number of different organizations to come together and organize direct actions for this day. In order to be able to have conversations about what types of actions will happen on the 28th in a way that is both democratic and safe (ie-not on the internet), organizers will be convening consultas in the coming weeks in different regions of the country for folks to come together and plan. We will hopefully have all the dates of the consultas sorted out within the next week and will let folks know when there will be a consulta happening near their campus. If you as an individual or your campus organization would like to hold a consulta or endorse the youth day of action, please let us know.

Us and other folks from our chapter will be attending the encampment all week and helping to organize for the mass march – but this is separate from the direct actions. If you are interested in working to mobilize for the march or encampment please let us know about that too so we can work together.

Please email us with any questions you have about the day of action and how your campus can get more involved. We’ve also set up a website that will have more information and updates at: and a Facebook group: .We’ll get back to folks in a week with more details about the consultas. Take care.

In struggle and solidarity,

Laura Bickford
UNC-Chapel Hill SDS
bxlaura at

Ben Carroll
UNC-Chapel Hill SDS
itsaredletterday at

Peter Gilbert
UNC-Chapel Hill SDS
vandura at


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