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Points on Regional Structure

June 13, 2007

The following points towards forming a regional structure were adopted unanimously at the 2nd Southeast SDS Regional convention.

1. a network
2. “revolving contact people” whose terms would be left up to
individual chapters
3. solidarity between autonomous chapters
4. a committee of delegates
5. delegates would only serve as mouthpieces for their autonomous chapters
6. recallability of delegates by their own chapters and also the
committee, who could suggest replacement to the individual chapter for
their discussion and ultimate decision

Points 7-12 were not decided upon at the convention; discussion will continue on the Southern SDS listserv and on a soon-to-be-established web forum.

7. when consensus is reached within the committee, the statement can
hold the southeast name. when consensus is not reached, individual
chapters can sign on to statements
8. there should be restrictions on decision making
9. individual chapters have the right to publicly dissent
10. transparency clause
11. entire group signs on to proposals for the committee to discuss
12. statements should be decided by consensus, but decisions made for
actions could be voted upon.