UNCA SDS Unity Statement

The following is a collectively written unity statement for the UNC-Asheville chapter of SDS.

UNCA Students for a Democratic Society – Unity Statement

We as UNCA SDS are a group that is dedicated to the fight against
imperialism. We are for positive social, political, and economic
change. We are actively involved in fighting for this change through

We stand in resolute opposition to the war in Iraq and protest the
current occupation. We demand US troops out of Iraq now. We are
against all imperialist wars and interventions including those in
Colombia and Palestine.

We fight to create a world free of sexism, free of racism, free of
heterosexism, and free of war. We are against all forms of oppression
and we actively struggle both within ourselves and within our
communities against these types of chauvinism and support all others
who fight alongside of us.

We are for human rights, and believe that all have the right to
education, housing, healthcare, clean water, and food.

We join with our brothers and sisters in campuses across the world as
Students for a Democratic Society to increase all phases of democracy
in our lives and to engage in the struggle for a better world. We, as
youth and students, have the power to enact real social change – and
we are fighting for this.

Dare to struggle – Dare to win!

April 2007


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