Cut the War Funding Now – Protest the Trial of the David Price Six!

UNC-Chapel Hill SDS is calling on supporters to picket the trial of the David Price Six and pack the court in support of their act civil disobedience against the Iraq war. Statements in solidarity are appreciated and can be sent to unc.sds at

Dear friends and allies,

On Friday, February 16, six students were arrested in the Chapel Hill office of Rep. David Price demanding that he vote against more war funding to continue the criminal war on Iraq. On Monday, March 26, the six entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ in the Orange county courthouse.

On Monday, May 7th at 2 PM, the David Price Six go to trial for their efforts to publicly condemn the Iraq Occupation and Representative Price’s complicity in the ongoing violence.

650,000 Iraqi civilians and over 3,200 U.S. service people have been killed in this illegal war. Every day that passes claims the lives of over 100 Iraqis and 3 American soldiers. This bloodshed continues despite the fact that the majority of Iraqis, Americans, and active military personal want the troops out now! David Price and the rest of Congress are not responding to the demands of the people. It is they who should be on trial, not us! We, the youth and students of the 4th district and beyond, are resisting this occupation and those who prolong it with all of our might! Join us on May 7th as we say: Iraq for Iraqis—Troops Out Now!

The David Price Six—
Laura Bickford, Ben Carroll, Alisan Fathalizadeh, Sara Joeseph, Dante Strobino, Tamara Tal

What: Support the David Price Six!
When: Monday, May 7th– Pickett at 1 PM—Pack the Court at 2 PM!
Where: Chapel Hill Courthouse (in the post office)—East Franklin Street

Read the call to action

See video footage of the action


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