Creating a World Without Sexual Violence: National Day of Truthtelling

UNC-Chapel Hill SDS has endorsed the National Day of Truthtelling and will attend. We urge other SDS chapters in North Carolina to mobilize to Durham on this date.

Creating a World without Sexual Violence: National Day of Truthtelling
Durham, NC
April 28, 2007

We want to create a world free from sexual violence and all forms of oppression. This world will be full of the safety, possibility, dignity, justice, and peace that all people deserve.

We believe that ending rape culture begins with a vision of the world without sexual violence. We believe that to get to this world, we will have to tell the truth in a culture that encourages silence about sexual violence. Our vision for the Day of Truthtelling is that in the place of these disempowering silences, we will create healing, loving, transformative spaces where we can celebrate and honor each person’s humanity and the power of community.

Meet us in Durham to speak, teach, learn, demonstrate, and tell the truth. There will be a march, music, dance, art, workshops, storytelling and sharing of our truths. Together, WE can make this world a reality!!!

Agenda Outline

* 10 am: March starts at EK Powe Elementary School, on the corner of Ninth Street and Green Street (Survivors of sexual assault and their families will be invited to lead the march.)
* 12 noon: March arrives at the Courthouse in downtown Durham for a rally
* 1:30 pm: March finishes at W.D. Hill Recreation Center.
* 1 to 5 pm: Workshops, networking, sharing, art-making at W.D. Hill Recreation Center.


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