March 20th Actions Against the War

Below are reports from Southern SDS chapters that held actions for the March 20 National Student Day of Action Against the War. More reports coming soon!

Asheville, NC. March 20th, 2006 was a great day of student action in Asheville. UNC-Asheville SDS had a walk-out of classes and a rally on campus with students and faculty speaking out against the war. More than 30 students then marched downtown and met up with 22 students from Asheville High School who risked up to 3 days of suspension in order to walk out of their classes against the war and ongoing occupation of Iraq. We rallied downtown, chanting “US OUT OF IRAQ” and “Stop the war? Yes we can! SDS is back again!” After the rally, students from Asheville High talked with SDS organizers from UNCA about starting up an SDS chapter at their high school!

Kati Ketz, UNCA SDS

Media reports: Asheville Global Report, Asheville Daily Planet [1] [2], Citizen-Times [1] [2]


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