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UNCA SDS Unity Statement

April 26, 2007

The following is a collectively written unity statement for the UNC-Asheville chapter of SDS.

UNCA Students for a Democratic Society – Unity Statement

We as UNCA SDS are a group that is dedicated to the fight against
imperialism. We are for positive social, political, and economic
change. We are actively involved in fighting for this change through



Cut the War Funding Now – Protest the Trial of the David Price Six!

April 25, 2007

UNC-Chapel Hill SDS is calling on supporters to picket the trial of the David Price Six and pack the court in support of their act civil disobedience against the Iraq war. Statements in solidarity are appreciated and can be sent to unc.sds at

Dear friends and allies,

On Friday, February 16, six students were arrested in the Chapel Hill office of Rep. David Price demanding that he vote against more war funding to continue the criminal war on Iraq. On Monday, March 26, the six entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ in the Orange county courthouse.

On Monday, May 7th at 2 PM, the David Price Six go to trial for their efforts to publicly condemn the Iraq Occupation and Representative Price’s complicity in the ongoing violence.


Walk-Out against the war draws nearly 300 students at UCF

April 13, 2007

First, sorry we were late on the March 20th walk out, but better later than never. The southern activities on that day inspired us to stage a walk out. Pictures to come soon.

[written by the ucf sds journalistic anti-collective]

Orlando, FL — April 11, 2007.
On April 11th 2007, SDS at UCF along with the Walk Out Now Coalition staged a mass student, faculty and staff walk out against the war in Iraq. A banner encouraging students to walk out of their bomb factory, a.k.a. their university, was dropped from the main entrance parking garage. The banner drop was the first of a new wave of diversity of tactics employed by Orlando students to voice their growing frustrations with the ongoing occupation of our campus and nations abroad by the military industrial complex.


U.S. Hands Off Iran!

April 10, 2007

The following is a statement drafted by UNC-Chapel Hill SDS opposing U.S. aggression against Iran. The chapter is calling on students at UNC-Chapel Hill to gather for a protest and march at 12 noon on the day following a U.S. attack against Iran.


In 2002, Bush named Iraq , Iran and North Korea as the ‘axis of evil’. Since then, U.S. forces have invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. The war drums continue to beat against Iran and Syria , and an attack against Iran is now seen as inevitable.


Creating a World Without Sexual Violence: National Day of Truthtelling

April 10, 2007

UNC-Chapel Hill SDS has endorsed the National Day of Truthtelling and will attend. We urge other SDS chapters in North Carolina to mobilize to Durham on this date.

Creating a World without Sexual Violence: National Day of Truthtelling
Durham, NC
April 28, 2007

We want to create a world free from sexual violence and all forms of oppression. This world will be full of the safety, possibility, dignity, justice, and peace that all people deserve.


Orlando Activist Arrested for Feeding Homeless in Public Park

April 7, 2007

[while this article is not explicitly SDS, central florida’s SDS, MDS, and FNB have a rotating cast of participants who work in multiple groups. Each group does, however, have members who are strictly its own. Please do not view this FNB experience as a SDS project, but neither view it as separate from the SDS struggle]

ORLANDO, Fl. – April 5, 2007. Orlando activist and Food Not Bombs participant Eric Montanez was arresteded for violating Orlando’s “large group feedings” ordinance. This ordinance was passed last summer and bans the public distribution of food to a number of 25 or more individuals in over 40 parks in downtown Orlando within a two-mile radius of City Hall.


March 20th Actions Against the War

April 1, 2007

Below are reports from Southern SDS chapters that held actions for the March 20 National Student Day of Action Against the War. More reports coming soon!

Asheville, NC. March 20th, 2006 was a great day of student action in Asheville. UNC-Asheville SDS had a walk-out of classes and a rally on campus with students and faculty speaking out against the war. More than 30 students then marched downtown and met up with 22 students from Asheville High School who risked up to 3 days of suspension in order to walk out of their classes against the war and ongoing occupation of Iraq. We rallied downtown, chanting “US OUT OF IRAQ” and “Stop the war? Yes we can! SDS is back again!” After the rally, students from Asheville High talked with SDS organizers from UNCA about starting up an SDS chapter at their high school!

Kati Ketz, UNCA SDS

Media reports: Asheville Global Report, Asheville Daily Planet [1] [2], Citizen-Times [1] [2]