Solidarity with the Greensboro 9

The following is a statement from UNC-Chapel Hill SDS in solidarity with the nine activists arrested at an antiwar protest in Greensboro, opposing Bush’s “surge”.

Chapel Hill, NC – March 13, 2007. UNC-Chapel Hill Students for a Democratic Society stands in complete solidarity with the nine activists attacked by police on January 11, 2007, and currently standing trial for their acts of resistance. The charges against the Greensboro 9 are unjust and represent further attempts by the state to stifle and suppress a growing popular movement against the criminal war on Iraq.

The actions undertaken by the Greensboro 9, and in mid-February by six members of UNC-Chapel Hill SDS, represent a larger tactical shift taking place in the anti-war movement, a shift from symbolic protest to active resistance, that many feel is vital if we are to shut this war down.

Throughout their ongoing legal battle, UNC-Chapel Hill SDS will act to support the Greensboro 9 in whatever ways possible. To the Greensboro 9: thank you for your acts of resistance. What you did on January 11 emboldens others to step up the resistance to this war and pushes the movement one step closer to ending this criminal war. Let us know how we can support you in the coming months.

UNC-Chapel Hill SDS
March 13, 2007


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